Justyna Angermaier

Fibre Artist

Born in April 1987, creator and founder of KNOTS’N’ROSES. Creative soul since very young years. As a child, she worked with painting, drawing and handicrafts. At the age of 13 she had her first contact with the ceramic craft. She took her first steps under the supervision of the sculptor Malgorzata Bukowicz. In addition to ceramics, she also dealt with mosaics, decoupage and paper.

She always felt the need to learn new techniques and create something beautiful. She started to love fiber art when sewing. By deepening her knowledge, she started looking for new opportunities. Justyna was fascinated by the variety of macrame knots and started making small accessories with this method. Over time, she began designing large-format wall decorations with complex knots and ceramic elements. Now she can’t imagine a day without a cotton rope between her fingers. That’s how she discovered her excitement for this type of art.

After completing her master’s degree in environmental protection and 8 years of professional work, she decided to pursue her passion and work as a fiber artist. Most of her designs are marked with a handmade ceramic rose.

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