Custom Artwork

Shop window decoration Goldknopf, Stuttgart

Im May 2020, the shop window decoration of Goldknopf, Stuttgart – a lovely accessories shop in the center of Stuttgart – will be provided by KNOTS’N’ROSES.

The theme of the decor was boho style, mainly towards weddings and festival time. The challenge was to create decorations for two shop windows and store interior design.

One of the shop windows and interior of the store has been decorated with specially created colletion of lamps shades, pillows and beautiful dream catchers. In this way, we have created a really nice boho, eclectic atmosphere. The perfect backdrop for the proposed collection of scarfs and handmade jewelery.

The second shop window was planned in the festival style direction, for the presentation of unique silk dresses. For this we have created a big background, decorated with dried flowers. We added a rug, woven with thick, shiny yarn. The whole decor beautifully corresponded with the presented products.

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