All products are made hand woven by KNOTS’N’ROSES in Germany. The unique weaves are designed to be a wall hanging and decorative textile only. Please find the care instructions for our wall hangings below.

Fibre care

Avoid any moisture and rough objects/surfaces that may snag the fibers. Using a soft feather-duster, lightly brush off any dust build-up. Alternatively, you can vacuum the weaving using a soft brush head and set it on the lowest setting possible.

Wood care

With proper care, the quality and beauty of the wood can be easily maintained. The patina, which will develop over time, will add to the natural beauty of the material. Severe dirt and fluids should be removed immediately. Here we recommend the use of paper tissue or a dry cotton cloth. If the surface feels dry and rough to the touch, oiling of the surface is recommended. The treatment should be applied with an impregnated cloth. The oil needs enough time to soak in (about half a day). Afterwards, the surface needs to be wiped again with the same cloth. A recommended care set for walnut wood be found here.