For many, the term “macrame” is reminiscent of the 1970s. KNOTS’N’ROSES presents a contemporary twist on the classic craft. Unlike knitted or woven textiles, macrame is made by carefully knotting cords into intricate patterns, resulting in exquisitely detailed designs and exceptional handcrafted aesthetics. Read below how we create our artwork.

Design phase

Our products arise primarily for the love of design. Extraordinary shapes, colors and materials and recent trends in fashion serve us as inspiration. Our goal is to make use of traditional handicraft to create modern interior decorations, thereby giving interiors a unique atmosphere.

We start each project with a sketch, to define the basic form and the color design of the object. Thereafter we decide for a pleasing combination of knots as well as suitable material. Wool type and thickness are of high relevance to achieve the desired visual effects and haptic. The complexity of the knots and the size of the object strongly affects the required amount of material, thus an effort estimation has to follow. As an example, our ‘PERFECT CRIME’ wall hanging of size 175cm x 140cm requires about 800m of rope.

Before a design results in a new product line or -variant, a prototype is created beforehand. This allows deficits in the design or in the creation process to be eliminated and ultimately to achieve an ideal product. As final step in our design process, the right shape, color and position of the ceramic rose is chosen.

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“Every step of my work is very important to me. I always do my best to finish the object as perfectly as possible.”

KNOTS'N'ROSES Fibre Art | Justyna Angermaier Fibre Artist Design Phase
KNOTS'N'ROSES Fibre Art | Justyna Angermaier Fibre Artist Design Phase

The handicraft work

Preparation of the total required material and a well organized working place is of high importance for a successful production. All the ropes are cut to the required length, and laid aside in structured manner, before we start.

We take great care to every knot to carry them out carefully, each in the same way and strength. This is of highest importance to achieve the even look of the whole object. Still wool has its individual behavior and we have to mind constantly the final picture, to fit each element perfectly into the whole object.

KNOTS'N'ROSES Fibre Art | Justyna Angermaier Fibre Artist Craft
KNOTS'N'ROSES Fibre Art | Justyna Angermaier Fibre Artist Craft

“The creation process is the most pleasant part and a kind of meditation to me. Thereto I try to find a quiet place, silence and a reflecting atmosphere. During this work, time ceases to exist and only what is happening now, matters.”

For creation of the ceramic rose we use delicate clay. Hereto every petal has to be carefully shaped to get a natural looking object. After several days of drying, the roses are burned at a temperature of 1300°C. With the right glaze and its precise  application, beutiful color effects can be achieved. After a second firing, the ceramic roses are ready for further use. If you want to learn more about glazing and firing ceramics you can find a lot of information here.

To finalize the product, we mount our wooden made KNOTS’N’ROSES cover and cut all the ropes precisely to their target length. In some designs some of the ropes  are combed with a special brush to achieve a unique soft effect.

KNOTS'N'ROSES Fibre Art | Justyna Angermaier Fibre Artist Craft
KNOTS'N'ROSES Fibre Art | Justyna Angermaier Fibre Artist Craft

Preparation for delivery of the Fibre Artwork

Each order is prepared individually for our customers. When all the details have been discussed and the object has been made according to the customer’s wishes, the artwork is carefully prepared for shipping.

We pack the object very carefully and secure the wooden elements. In addition, ceramic elements are secured with silk paper. We attach detailed assembly instructions and the necessary components for wall mounting. Our clients receive instructions for taking care of the object and a certificate of authenticity.

KNOTS'N'ROSES Fibre Art | Justyna Angermaier Fibre Order